Tube Selection 24.1

Eurotubes will gladly produse wire guide tubes to a customers’ own special requirements. Small quatities and samples are also catered for.
produce tubes for all types of processes, not only for the end user customers (include Siemens, Philips, Sony, Matshushita, General Motors, Ford and Samsung), but also for winding machine manufactorer such as ATS (formerly Siemens), Marsilli, Aumann, B+R, Tanac, Nittoku, Sipro, Bobifil, Meteor and all others.
Non standard tubes can be supplied with bore size from 0,20 mm and the outside diameter from 0,60 mm to 12,0 mm. For any enquiries on special tubes, please fill out the diagrams in this brochure, detailing dimensiond required. If you fax this to us, we will be able to provide a quotation immediately.
The selection of material which to produce the tube is of paramount importance. Specially created steel EN31 has been selected as the ideal material due to its
resistance to wear and stability. The use of induction heating equipment also allows selected areas of the tube to hardened and tempered to various hardness ranges. Induction hardening gives the manufacturer the freedom to produce softer tubes with very hard tips - which prolong the lifetime wear of the tube. The standard tube hardness is about 66 HRC - comparable to tungsten hardness but without the brittleness. The manufacturing process used allow maximum flexibility and speed in tube production.


1. Extreme tip hardness - up to 69 HRC

2. A mirror finish on the tube tips and a smoth bore.

3. Consitency of dimensions, hardness and straigthness.

Each tube is 100% inspected using radii profil equipment and microscopes to ensure the quality of every wire guide tube.
As shown on next pages features are also catered for and we always happy to discuss any queries you may have.

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