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The Company, Thomas Klein Eurotubes endeavours to offer the website and content rights.Thomas Klein Eurotubes assumes no liability for the correctness of the content or for the completeness of the information provided on the website. This also refers to possible damages of material or third party issues, which were caused by the use of this website.

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On our website we have hyperlinks to pages on the internet, who´se content and updating are out of our control. We have no influence on the design and content of external websites. We therefore disassociate ourselves from all contents of these links.

Data protection

The following privacy statement covers the use of the website (the "Site"). We attach great importance to data protection. The collection and processing of your personal data is done in compliance with applicable data protection regulations, in particular the EU privacy regulation (DSGVO). We collect and process your personal data in order to offer you the portal above. This policy explains how and for what purpose their data are collected and used, and what choices you have in relation to personal data.
Your use of this website, you consent to the collection, use and transfer of your data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

responsible agency
responsible agency for the collection, processing and use of personal information for the purposes of DSGVO is company Thomas Klein Eurotubes
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If you wish to object to the collection, processing or use of your information by us in accordance with this Privacy Policy as a whole or for individual measures, you can set up your odds of above-mentioned data controller. You can save this Privacy Policy at any time and print.

access data
We collect information about you when you use this website. We automatically collect information about your usage and your interaction with us and register data on your computer or mobile device. We collect, store and use data on each access to our online offer (so-called server log files). To access data name and URL include the requested file, date and time of access, amount of data transferred, notification of successful retrieval (HTTP response code), browser type and version, operating system, referrer URL (ie the previously visited), IP address and the requesting provider.We use this log information without assigning any personal or other profiling for statistical analysis for the purpose of operation, security and optimize our online presence, but also to the anonymous recording the number of visitors to our web site (traffic) as well as the scope and nature of the use of our website and services, as well as for billing purposes, to measure the number of clicks received from cooperation partners. Based on this information we can provide personalized and location-based content available and analyze the data traffic, troubleshoot and fix and improve our services. We reserve the right to review the log data later when due to concrete is reasonable suspicion of unlawful use of evidence. We store IP addresses for a limited period in the log files, when necessary required for security purposes or for the provision of services or billing for a service, eg. As when using one of our offers. After termination of the operation of the order or after payment, we delete the IP address if they are no longer required for security purposes. We store IP addresses, even if we have the concrete suspicion of a crime related to the use of our website.

Contact via electronic mail (email)
If you contact us in contact (eg. As by contact form or e-mail), we store your information to process the request and in the event that follow-up questions arise. store other personal data and we use only if you agree or if this is legally permissible without special permission

Legal base and memory duration
Legal base for data processing according to the preceding paragraphs is Article 6. 1, point f) DSGVO. Our interests in data processing are in particular to ensure the operation and security of the website, studying the manner of use of the site by visitors, and to simplify the use of the website. Unless specifically stated we store personal data only as long as is necessary to fulfill the objectives pursued.

Your rights as from the data processing affected
By applicable law, you have certain rights regarding their personal data. Would you like to assert these rights, please send your request by e-mail or by post under unique identification of your person referred to above address. Below is an overview of your rights.

Right of confirmation and information
You are always in the position to get a free confirmation if  and which data of you is stored in our system. Furthermore, there is a right to the following informations and action :
- what do we do with the data
- which data is processed
- how long will the data be stored
- delete every data of you in our system

Rigth of extinction
You have the right to order us immediately to delete any personal data in our system. We will do this immediately.

Right of data assignment
You have the right to file an objection against usage of your data any time according to Article 6, paragraph 1, point a DSGVO or 9, paragraph 2 based point a DSGVO or on a contract according to Article 6, paragraph 1, point b DSGVO.

Rigth to object
You have the rigth to object given consent declation at any time.

Rigth to appeal to any leagle authority
You have the right to appeal to a regulatory authority, in particular in the Member State of their residence, their place of work or the location of the alleged violation, they are of the opinion that the processing of personal data concerning illegal.

Data security
We are for the safety of your data under the existing data protection legislation and technical possibilities maximum effort.To secure your data, we technical- and organizational maintain security measures that we constantly adapt to the prior art.

Transfer of data to third parties
Basically, we use your personal information only within our company. If and to the extent we turn on third parties in the performance of contracts (such as logistics service providers) receive these personal data only to the extent in which the transmission to the power consumption is required.

No warning without previous contact !
Should any content or design technical design of this website or the contents of the email traffic (newsletters, offers, etc.) is handled by one of our aforementioned domains, third party rights or legal regulations injure or rise to competition concerns in any form so we ask, referring to § 8 para. 4 UWG, an adequate, sufficient explanatory and easy and without any costs. We guarantee that the rightly complained passages or parts of this website and emails removed within a reasonable period, and the legal requirements to be adapted extensively, without the need on your side, the involvement of a lawyer is required. The involvement of a lawyer, the paid for the service provider warning does not correspond to its real or presumed will and would be a violation of § 13 para. 5 UWG because of the pursuit of irrelevant targets as a dominant theme of initiation, especially achieving a cost as main reason, and constitute a violation of the duty to mitigate damages.

Data protection officer
If you have any questions or concerns regarding data protection, please contact our Privacy Officer : Mr. Thomas Klein

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Access data / server log files
The provider (or his internet provider) collects data on each access to these services (so-called server log files). To access data include: Name of the requested Web page, file, date and time of access, amount of data transferred, notification of successful retrieval, browser type along with version, the user's operating system, referrer URL (previously visited), IP address and the requesting provider. The provider uses the data only for statistical analysis for the purpose of operation, security and the optimization of the offer. The provider reserves the right to review the log data later if there is reasonable suspicion of unlawful use based on specific evidence.