• Eurotubes Präzisions Drahtführer in höchster Qualität / precision wire guide tubes

  • Schwalllöten HTM Serie bis 530°C / wave soldering machines

  • Eurotubes Präzisions-Statorwickeldüsen / Stator tubes

  • Mikroflamme, Schweissen, Hartlöten, Verbinden und Trennen mit Gasgeneratoren / waterwelder - welding - brazing - soldering - cutting

  • Messgerät ACX-1 Serie - Aircraft cable meter

  • Bandpannungsmessgeräte STX-1 Seie Tensitron, Inc. / strap Tension meter

  • Löttiegel - bleifrei - Hochtemperatur / solder pots - high temperature - leadfree - temperature controlled

  • Mod. Beaver - automatisches Löten - bleifrei - Wendevorrichtung - Prüfen - Entladen / automatic soldering machine - bench top 4 stations

Welcome to the website of Thomas Klein ... 

30 years

Our company Thomas Klein Eurotubes is specialised in distributing precision production equipment and spare parts for the coil winding industry since 1991. Other than our main product Eurotubes™ precision wire guide and stator tubes we are able to supply a large number of other products around the coil winding process. Along with our very potential partners in England, USA and Italy we are able to offer a wide range of soldering equipment, starting with simple static pot up to fully automated machines. Our testing units are basic need for any coil winding machine user around the world. Since the year 2000 we are also able to offer a wide range of waterwelder generators which are needed if the customer wants to solder non solderable wires in electro motors. Due to the extreme business expansion during the last years ist was neccessary to move 1999 to our current location for more space and better service to the clients.
In our office there is Mr. Klein, Mrs. Zoy Bebeka and Mrs. Andrea Pfeffer in the time between 8:30 am and 4:00pm and we all would be happy to answer any question you may have about our products.
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